Digital account opening platform


one step solution for your business


DIGIFIN is not just another software product you will come across. Digifin Came out from our 5 years' Experience in Product development. Digifin Focused exclusively on providing solutions for the BFSI for the past 5 years, also we have major BFSI Customer base in India.

Reputation & Features

The system is user friendly and self-intuitive for the users. The main mantra behind Digifin is any account opening should not take more than 15 minutes.

  • A truly integrated Platform featuring every aspect of BFSI account opening process.
  • Big time Customer base in BFIS, India
  • Locally sold and supported with an emphasis on personalized service
  • Benchmarked with industry peers to include every imaginable feature
  • Ongoing, continual product development and evolution to keep up with the changing needs of the industry

Customized not Cookie Cut

DIGIFIN streamlines business processes and provides customer insight with the intent to support customer loyalty and retention and customizable

  • We pride ourselves in providing a system that exceeds your expectations and firmly do not believe in a one size fits all policy
  • We are flexible and accommodative and willing to continually evolve the product with features that you as a client see as valuable
  • Talk to us about your ideas and we will make these a reality, we have the technical know-how, willingness and drive to customize the software to ensure you get the most out of your investment

One stop solution for your account opening process

Reduce your account opening expenses by 1/5