Our work is a combination of cutting edge technology, and functional expertise which has propeled client vision to success.

Success stories

For a Retail Lending Aggregator, Digital Loan Originating and Processing system that works on a realtime credit scoring engine and maps individual customer profile to the right financial product and institution.

Full stack digital development for a leading UK bank - Financial planning application that provides a one-view across asset holdings and instantly allows for lines of credit, for individuals and small business owners

Digital customer onboarding and instant trading platform for India’s leading private equity and brokerage house. This application allows for seamlessly onboarding of customers in minutes rather than days/weeks.

Customer self-serve and onboarding platform integrated with eKYC and upstream trading across multiple exchanges for India’s leading Fund house.

Digital Sales application interface that improves sales performance and provides for constant learning and growth for India’s #1 Private Sector Bank