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which hand to wear obsidian bracelet

January 17, 2021

Someone In United States purchased Something I love to do almost daily. Leave it in the sun for up to an hour to charge it , I have read that you shouldn’t wear if pregnant? The Pi Xiu bracelet is best worn with the left hand, instead of the right hand, because it is believed that if you wear it on the left, it symbolizes attracting good wealth luck and if you wear it on the right, it is giving away your wealth to other people. I think you should wear it on your left Agnes ! By the way, different from other gemstone, You need wear the obsidian bracelet on the right hand, not the left hand. and Life is about Feeling. Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns. Do I needed silver stone bowls to cleansing them first with Gold Gems & Silver Gems? Can I wear it , i am 74 yrs old. Hi, I’m GR and I’ve been wearing my Fu Sheng Bracelet on my right hand” my dominate hand” for about a Month. If you are wearing it on the right wrist, it is believed that you are giving away your fortune to others. So, a mix of the two was just what I was after. Lucky Obsidian I’d suggest you only wear it around the house, seeing as you are working with the elderly. Thank you ever so much. #3 Stress Reduction – It is believed that this bracelet will help balance your energy and thus reduces stress. With less negative energies round you this is one of the gifts of mother earth. I leave mine on my table facing the door in the lounge overnight. , I received my bracelet today but unfortunately I had surgery to my left wrist is it still ok to wear it knowing that I’ve just had surgery. It can be both really, It depends on you, I point mine towards the pinkie. I just received my bracelet.I have a couple questions . Hi i just bought this black obsidian, i had read your article, just clarification and confirmation, this means i need to remove my bracelet everytime im going to my bedroom? If this is you, go ahead and wear your bracelet. Then ill just take it off before i go to bed because my working station is my room i only have a pad. Can I wear them until night fall then put under the moon light ? Is that correct or do I put it in his son to activate? and you only buy this bracelet in person from him How long do I needed to leave in the sunlight before I put them in my hand and started wear my brand new obsidian bracelet? Please clarify! i also ordered for 7chakra bracelet can they just be worn or needs to be cleansed before wearing will be gratefull for any suggestions . No, Izzy just make sure you frequently activate it ! Can you tell me how to cleanse my bracelet?? You can open it whenever you feel ready Brigitte , Really nice I’m a Nigerian and wish to get.this as.a you. It is simply about the sun, not the time. You are ost welcome Tomithy, enjoy your new obsidian bracelet. •Since the stretchy material is very flimsy and will eventually break, would wire be a more substantial material to repair bracelet? I use both bracelets on left Hand with the head facing pinky finger. Both components are hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for anyone without the fear of allergic reaction. I wear mine on the left because its the receiving hand but if you want to wear it on another hand that’s fine. how do we activate the bracelet so it will work? I enjoyed your article. Dont worry at all, wash your bracelets in clean water, you can even add a bit of salt. I am afraid to close this page in fear that I may not find it again. Is it okay to put the bracelet facing the baclcony door. My name is Rachel. And other USE IN LEFT HAND…! They should still work, just keep them as far away from where you sleep . Why can’t someone over 70 wear this bracelet. Do i have to do something after gym? I haven’t heard this before, but if you feel it could be an issue then maybe don’t get it , Hello I have the warmest most peaceful feeling since I began wearing my beautiful Obsidian Bracelet on my left arm…Ive always felt peaceful n calm…but more so now…Iv read that these beautiful bracelets mustnt be worn by anyone over 70yrs. Thanks. When I say it lasts long I mean it terms of durability. Is it okay if I don’t open it right away and save it for a time when I’m ready to use or would that mess anything up? Julia Camanse, Is it over 70 what if you are 70 then should you wear or not, Why , if over 70 not wear this bracelet I don’t understand. Is this right?? I have purchased 3 obsidian bracelets, 1 for my mom (80 years old ) 1 for my son (14 years old )and one for myself (47 years old). I have one with 2 pixu’s as well. Can it get wet it went in into the washing machine, It can, Just be sure to let it dry in the sun and reactivate whilst its there , The strong energies it produces can interfere with yours , Can I wear my bracket at work as I work in aged care… So basically I’m showering the elderly and so I don’t want to get it wet in which I place it in the pocket of my shirt or trousers…not sure if I’m doing the right thing…. Hi Julie, I just got my bracelet I’m confuse. I wear my watch on my left wrist will that interfere with the bracelet. Uh, I’m confused about this statement: “If you are a woman expecting a baby you might give the bracelet a miss until you have the baby.” I’m planning to conceive on august 2020 as agreed by my husband.. Is that ok, and I stay in a room house with offer people, so can’t leave it the living room because it will not be there in the morning so what should I do. Very confusing to me. what if my pad is a master bedroom only?? First, I am a believer in the gifts from the womb of mother nature, and crystals are one of them in addition to every plant known to man! Hi I just received my Feng shui black obsidian bracelet from Buddha power store that I ordered on line last month. I ordered my bracelet and i have received it I am wearing it on my left arm even though I am right handed,will that matter what arm I wear it on and can I sleep with it on all night? I want to know if that bracelet still works or not. Be More. Ever since I got curious about Feng shui, I also got interested in crystals and their value to us humans. What direction should the Head of Pi Xiu be facing when wearing on a bracelet. Hopefully, if it’s not been past the 14 day return time, you should be able to , how do I attract health and wealth please, Wear the bracelet and attract those things from the universe, by affirmations, meditations and the like , Can I wear it to the toilet and what do I do if someone touches it. So if you believe your bracelet is the door to your happiness, health and wealth a whatever age. Yes we know left, but you keep saying “up”, Do you wear it with dragon on top of wrist or bottom of wrist wear your veins are? With Pixiu pendants, make sure its head is upward, it is said to be more efficient in driving those good energies and attracting wealth. I didn’t know you were not supposed to wear it to bed that explains why I had energy and didn’t go to bed until 5:30 in the morning. Others all it, Because of their orgonite power, I have come to learn that Black Obsidian crystals are good with. Hi can I wear my cellphone watch on the same wrist as my Obsidian bracelet? I am currently wearing both on my left hand, dragons heads upwards and head pointing outwards toward my left little finger. But every time I search how to wear that bracelet. Black obsidian is often referred to as volcanic glass, yet it is also considered strong enough to create knives. You say the dragon should be upward do you mean on it back or on it legs? All rights reserved. I have recently started wearing a black obsidian on my left hand. Question is where do I keep it when I haven’t got a sitting room? I received my bracelets a couple of days ago but I did not wear them because I was waiting for May 7th to charge them with the moon powers. What is the reason people over 70 should not wear pixiu bracelet? What happens if you wear the bracelet first before activating it in the sun? Which hand to wear Black Obsidian Bracelet; How to use Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet; Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet; ... Bracelet made of 6mm Obsidian beads strung on elastic cord. Better energetic protection and attraction. Maybe wait till you’re 16, and while you’re waiting leave it in your living room and have the dragon facing the entrance , I’m still confused my dominant hand is my right hand but I’m told in some places to wear my bracelet on my left hand because that brings wealth and right and takes away other places tell me to wear it on my dominant hand so I’m confused do I wear it on my dominant hand which says the right hand also takes wealth away or do I wear it on my left hand please help me with this, I suggest wearing it on your left hand because it is your receiving hand . Clean it with a damp cloth every 2 weeks ! Thank you Adele, I wouldn’t suggest wearing the bracelet if you’re over 70 because of the strong energies it releases :/ sorry Adele, Please I wish to know more about this bracelet and how I can get one for my self. Check out our. Who Shouldn’t wear an Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet? I just received mine today. Hi, I’m seeing conflicting info one say wear on dominant hand and the other says left, which is correct – also I am 73 and just found out its not recommended to wear if your over 70. So Why can’t you sleep with it or have it your bedroom My bedroom is were I am a lot of my time it’s my living room and my bedroom.. If that’s what you’ve been advised then maybe don’t wear the bracelet . I have recently bought 2 bracelets, (1) a Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet(gold dragon) and (2) a Pi Yao Obsidian Wealth Bracelet that is all black with a large (black) dragon. Will Bracelet still work? What happens if over seventy years old wear it? THE DOS. I have just ordered 5 Fein shui bracelet, what is the different between the gold and the black one. You will react less and RESPOND more to situations, you will be less likely to be drawn into arguments with people as your emotional bank is at ease. Yours truly. I was holding my dog and he got excited that his claw might have snapped the string. you can wear it in the toilet of course and if someone else touches it then you can just cleanse it as usual! And want to clarify if the dragon head facing outward means pointing to small finger or to big thumb? Hi,I received my black obsidian feng shui bracelet today and I’m reading two different things about which arm to wear the bracelet on. I hope it works. I received mines today . If its positive energy it s/be ok for anyone. I am under the chinese zodiac sign Dog. You can pout it in the sun at any time. Here are some examples: To be more loving to yourself, wear your rose quartz bracelet on your left arm. Left Side - Place your crystal jewelry on the left side when you want to personally receive its healing energy and enjoy an internal benefit. i did on my right hand coz i have watch on my left? Generally, Pi Xiu bracelets are made of various materials. Due to A huge number of Inquiries, We are updating it to answer your most common questions. when do we wear on the right hand and when on the left hand? I’d suggest you get a new one, Also wear the ring on your index finger . It is believed that the energies pixiu releases are very strong and could affect people whose spirit isn’t as strong, this may include people under 16 and over 70. I am 78. I’m sorry but you can’t because of the energies. hi julie syland paul, my bracelet arrived yesterday & just need to comfirm how to wear.. apart from cleansing it 1st before you wear it, on your left wrist while the dragon is obviously facing upward but more to confirm the way it faces, does it face away from you or face toward you ??? So can I wear them together please? Do not place it in your bedroom. It says if you are 70 years old do not wear it. Yes i think that should be fine Elizabeth !! Obsidian is a special material which can be put on either left or right hand. I will not go into that here but keep up the good work and thanks for sharing .. Your suggestions/reply against my above queries shall be highly appreciated. And I Can’t tell which is the head of the dragon. Hi can you please tell me why not to wear when pregnant as I have one for my girlfriend and we’re expecting a baby in a few weeks, The energy it releases is strong, maybe wait until the baby is born if its only in a few weeks , So happy to read this article, am from Nigeria and I just got my bracelet so I just want to ask if this bracelet will work in this part of the world. Buy Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet, Feng shui Obsidian Hand Carved Mantra Bead bracelet with Double Color Change Pixiu for Adjustable Elastic Feng Shui Obsidian Bracelet Unisex and other Cuff at There is a link in the blog where you can buy it from ! Can i wear it in gym? I don’t know if I have 1a or 1b. This remarkable Feng Shui bracelet is beauteous and comfortable to wear. I always in my room because I leave with family and I don’t like to let them know so it doesn’t work in my bedroom what do I if only in my bedroom. Please enlighten me? HAPPINESS • POSITIVITY • ABUNDANCE with our New Gold Plated Techniques About Pixiu: Pixiu, is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature, commonly referred to in the West by the Greek word "chimera", and considered a powerful protector of practitioners of Feng Shui. The Pi Xiu energy is very powerful and can affect other jewelry and even crystals. Good morning. Must I activate my bracelet before wearing it? I am 71 and ordered one didn’t say anything about age. Enjoy it. Do not place it in your bedroom, ATTENTION: SHOP NORMALLY WITH CO-VID19, THE VIRUS CAN'T LIVE INTO OBJECTS! My bracelet has 2 pixus so wear it that’s all. should i wear it all the time? I am not sure how to wear it. I then placed the bracelet on a clean saucer and sat it under the sun for as long as I could to further cleanse and activate it. June 27th. See when I activate my bracelet then what what dose it due, You can wear it and it starts to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. My black obsidian it is ok if I wash it only with water. I cant find info on why or what does it affect. The heads face upwards( the dragon legs should be on your skin), do u have to take it of at night when you sleep or you have to keep it on all the time. BUT if you wear it on the right, it is believed that you are giving away your wealth. 2. On my left arm I wear my obsidian, labradorite and Amethyst. just a couple of hours or all day. You will find you are restless and take longer to sleep due to having Pi Xiu energy in your bedroom. Wear it upwards and facing your thumb, upwards as in if your palm was on the table the head of the dragon would be facing the ceiling, Hi’ I bought 4 Obsidians Bracelet an I want five sent one for my daughter, what do I do with the other two in bag, I have place them in my lounge in a special cupboard shelf with other chines collection of mine still in bag and I start to wear one yesterday, now I just found I have to face the to doo with head facing the door. Should I wear these bracelets in a way that they are before the watch (not visible to if I wear long sleeve shirt) or after the watch (visible even if I wear long sleeve shirt)? When you go to bed, leave your obsidian pixiu bracelet in your living room with the dragon head facing the door, to guard and protect your home while you sleep. Need help with your Bucket List Or Question on a Destination? Is there something i may be doing wrong perhaps activating its powers. I was told you can’t wear it if you eat chili or can’t get blood on it, is this true? BUT, obsidian doesn’t need much sunlight, so it may be better to just charge it with an Obsidian crystal wash. By the way, every image and text is socially shareable too, simply highlight and you can share away! Coronavirus in Context: Is It Safe to Fly during COVID-19? I also ordered a bracelet and I hear different ways of using it. Is there anything wrong in doing so. Pleaseee!!! I would alternate between the two bracelets so they can last longer in terms of durability, I would take it off during exercise because it could break . I just bought this black Obsidian bracelet. I want to o know! I live in Arizona weather 100° right now. nakido Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet, Feng Shui Pi Xiu 12mm Black Hand Carved Mantra Adjustable Elastic Bead Bracelet for Men Women Attract Wealth Money Feng Shui Bracelet. Put in the sunlight for an hour before use ! Hi Julie, I have just orfered a bracelet a few hrs ago before I saw your page. So, Happy New year of Love, Fun, freedom, fulfilment, perfect health, and Lots of wealth to us all. Am Stephen, i ordered 2PC Golden Pixiu Obsidian Bracelet Feng Shui Black Bead Alloy Wealth Bracelet Charm Handmade Lucky Amulet Bracelet Gift from Aliexpress I hope is part of the best place you can get it from. Im 70 but i feel way way younger and look like im n my 50s can i still wear mine i just got it and i love it,will it cause a problem by me wearing it now?????? I think so . $22.99 $ 22. #4. Where to buy the real one? Or can it worn on my left ankle. I would like to give it a try. I too hope they enjoy their bracelets. When you wear crystals on your right wrist, you control the energy you put into your outside environment. Thank you so much. Peace and God & the Goddess, Archangels be with you always and to eternity.♥️✌️. Hi Julie Syl and Paul, I just received my 2 black Obsidian bracelets yesterday 7.6.2020 and due to excitement to wear it, I didn’t activate it putting under sunlight as you instructed from prev comments and I learned it should be wearing on your left hand side not on the right hand. The energies it releases are strong so the child’s spirit should be mature, I would wait till they are of age. . Put it in the sunlight to activate it 2. Like I said before that I am 73 and I am a bone cancer patient…I thought wearing the bracelet might heal me….can you explain about the spiritual energy that is not good for people over 70, please….thank you. And can I wear it when sleeping ? and in which side of pocket ? What is best to do with mine? I learnt that black obsidian crystals would help because they emit the powerful orgone energy. Hi, what is upwards? Des. My dad is a single dad raising me and my sister and I feel so sorry for him cause I know he has a lot of pressure on him having to pay for everything by himself but he is amazing and works hard. Why can’t minors wear the bracelet? You can wear it on whichever, the right is the dominant however the left is the receiving ,many people say different things so I’d say YOU CHOOSE ! After you’ve left a comment, let’s CONNECT and bond some more on Facebook or on Twitter,  Instagram and Pinterest. If it get’s broken it need to be pack with red cloth and buried right? Wait till you are 18 to regularly wear it 3. In my bedroom and I’m always in my bedroom then I am in my living room.. Would like to know also Why I can’t we’re it to bed.. So, maintain an energy of joy, gratitude, expect the best and give only your best. Why shouldn’t someone under the age 16 or the age 70 where it? Should in case one does not want to wear it , can you put it in your pocket ? Should it be toward my body or away from my body? Enjoy your Crystal. The Pixiu bracelet is best worn with the left hand, instead of the right hand, because it is believed that if you wear it on the left, it symbolizes attracting good wealth luck and if you wear it on the right, it is giving away your wealth to other people. Hi, I recieved my bracelet and I use it in my right hand but since I read all about, I used it now to my left hand, do I messed up? My advice to you would be to try and keep it as far away from your bed as possible , One has two obsidian bracelets there is one which is the original black and gold with a dragon and gold balls which One was wearing on my right wrist and the other is all black and a bear on it which One wore on my right side also But after reading these comments and your replies One believes and did remove both bracelets and put the black and gold on my left wrist and the all black on my right wrist after praying and blessing each bracelet.After putting them on One felt so much energy going through One’s body it is a great feeling One feel so up more than One did in the first place,One is a Lightwalker and won’t go into the rest of my capabilities my gifts.But,One observation of the bracelets is they are amazing,One is very impress and am in awe of this feeling of enlightenment and energy thank you for sharing this information.Now is it advised to wear my bracelets in this manner that One is wearing them in this present time,Now. I’m not sure I understand what you mean here Rossana, could you elaborate ! Which is right????? I am a little confused. Should I wear it when I’m cooking When I’m washing dishes Cleaning my house go to work get Afternoon nap Go to work Should I put it in the wall by my front door . In general, it is a practice to wear any crystal bracelet on the left-hand because in the Chinese believed that right-hand side is to absorb, while left-hand side is to repel. [Question 1] I have two bracelets. “An Orgone generator can be used also as a source of strength in everyday life, it can help to relax and reduce stress, balances body systems and promotes the healing powers of the body.”. I am terribly sorry to hear this, to charge the bracelet you need to leave it in the sun for 30 minutes+. I do mine once a month. Thank you for a reply. Wow, we also have 4 Himalayan salt lamps, and love crystals in general. It shouldn’t interfere with you, just make sure to activate the bracelet for up to an hour , Hi I just got my bracelet how long do I leave it in the sun. I put mine on a cristal plate and plate that in the sun for as long as I can. How and where do I find the meaning for each ball (black and gold)? As far as some literature goes, over 70s may find less benefits from wearing the crystal. You will thus have better control of your emotions and thoughts. The Pixiu bracelet has to be worn on the left hand. I am a male living in India, age 44 years. I clean with water my rose quartz bracelet and green phantom Cristal that I am wearing in my left hand as advised by store personnel one year back . Can I sleep with the bracelet on? The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet is made of 2 different types of components. Thanks for your post ..I learnt a lot , Thank you for reading Maclean, I’m glad I helped. When you wear certain gemstones on your left wrist, you can make internal shifts. Still confused on how to wear it. It was a nice sunny day so I let it sit out for over 2 hours in direct sunlight. Will the bracelets still work if I don’t wear them until my shift is finished. I never had much luck will work for me yes or no waiting you r reply, Hopefully it will, you have to will it to work though, BELIEVE. The Pixiu bracelet is best worn with the left hand, instead of the right hand, because it is believed that if you wear it on the left, it symbolizes attracting good wealth luck and if you wear it on the right, it is giving away your wealth to other people. In short, there supposed to be hard rule weather left or right. Thank you for your reply… be waiting. Need help with your Bucket List Or Question on a Destination? Could i use inscent sticks to active it? This would make the two bracelets last longer . What is really right to wear this??? Now cooled down inside normal temp. I totally agree with you that every step be has power and stood for something! I do have a couple of questions before I wear it. But in my living room I do have a door leading to the balcony. Exception to the rule is Pi Yao/Pixiu made with Obsidian material. All rights reserved. Please ket me know what you think. While the, I am a proud owner of several crystals and, My interest in black obsidian crystals arose from the belief that they have super natural healing and metaphysical properties for energetic protection. So tell us how the braclet is supposed to be worn Thank you. If we wear the black obsidian bracelet on the right, it helps to act as a shield to protect us … Can i wear it during exercise on gym? Can I wear it all time (e.g. left or right hand? I DON’T need anymore bad luck. I don’t have the materials for it at the moment so I was wondering if that is safe to do? How many hour⏰? Pi Xiu bracelets are often put on the left hand except those made of obsidian, because vital energy goes into human body from the left and out from the right. Maybe stop wearing it, If it’s not for you, you don’t HAVE to wear it . Unless there is some more info you need. This enhances its powers to protect and cleanse your energetic space. I would contact the seller I purchased them from. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Leave it in the sun for up to an hour to activate it . And I’d rather you tell your friends to activate the bracelets for themselves so your energies to interfere with their. Don’t wear it while sleeping 2. The Pixiu bracelet is best worn on the left hand, instead of the right hand, because it is believed wearing it on the left will attract good wealth luck and if you wear it on the right, it is giving away your wealth to other people. You have to be open to the experience to feel the full effects ! You can get Obsidian in a variety of forms. Touch the pixu gradon and bracelet often to recalibrate it to your energy, and put your stamp on it. I lounge in my bedroom a lot during the day that my comfortable place and sometimes I forget to take them off would that affect my sleeping? I just got my 2 bracelet s The one Black Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet and the one is all black. If its called the same thing then it should be ! Why should a person 70 years old not wear a bracelet? take it off, put it on a plate and leave it for up to an hour in the sun . And another question if someone doesnt want to wear it can just put it somewhere facing the front door and just recharge it two times or need more than two times a week in sun light for an hour? I am sure you might find literature to the contrary. I wear mine on my left hand, am ambidextrous . Just got my Obsidian bracelet, I’m left handed because I lost my right hand, is it still okay to use my bracelet on my only one hand, I’m worried about how I wear it and taken it off. As long as when you’re in your room you keep it away from your bed, you should be fine. Hi I got my obsidian bracelet today really pleased with it,can you help me I live part time at my girlfriends, & I put the bracelet in her living room facing front door & do the same when I go to my home is that ok,thank you James. One of the popular ways to retain a Pixiu is to wear it on a bracelet. Is it ok to wear it with my watch that I wear on my left wrist as well?? Thank you. Is there any pre-care I need to do to it before I put it on. Native, my mother tells me that i was left hand, but because of that times I was forced to write with right hand, and now I am right hand writer. My room is so small. I am super glad you loved the article and your Bracelets and crystals , I have just received my bracelet this morning and I put it on and suddenly I felt like little tingles in my arm and stuff I am going to wear it for a while I wish I would have had gotten orders on how to wear it how to wear it and how to store it if anybody could give me some Clues I would appreciate it, This article answers your questions Shari. As long as you are careful with it, it may break , I just received my bracelets how long should I keep it in the sunlight for it to get activated. Mine was Just shipped in today, can I wear it with my wrist watch on the left hand. No Michelle, It should be facing outwards ! Brian what will happen if I forget to take it off on a night and I sleep wearing it? Thanks, Yes you can put a new string in it, and maybe keep the dog away from it next time to stay on the safe side hehe , How do you activate your bracelets i dont understand, Leave it in the sun for 30+ minutes, Renay . Do I still need to leave in sun for an hour? We have explained in earlier Comments why a 70+-year-old should take it on advisement before wearing a Pixu bracelet. I did put in my blog that there is an age limit, Maybe you can give it to a relative as a gift? I am not wearing anything like that but do have a Himalayan salt lamp in my room and I also know that we have a different beliefs to believe and I am not going to judge you about that instead I am respecting you for being honest on the things that you believe. The head of of the Pixiu should be facing outwards, as it symbolize going out to grab wealth luck and bring it back for you. We live by faith and I believe that Mother Nature provides us so much just as father Light dos too. And I’m working in the laundry too. I wouldn’t try that because it might break, but maybe try to buy a smaller size if available ! If you don’t have those things, try activating it naturally with sunlight ! In general, wear the Piyao bracelet on your left hand. Is that ok if I wear while on working Or do I need to take off from my hand. Can I take one stone out to make it tighter ? Wishing you every blessing in your life and I hope you are keeping safe and Alive. What I would do is alternate, wearing them on different days (on your left hand).

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