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Constient help visionaries constrained by technologies actualize thier dreams, right from building MVP to full stack Platforms. We have helped several aspiring enterpreneurs in stealth mode,
develop a full blown, feature rich digital platform that help them rapidly start billing.


Enterpreneur Support

Constient is created by first gen enterpreneurs and we understand what it takes to succeed. Since inception in 2012, we have helped several enterpreneurs build thier dream products and experiences.

Data Security

We are a CMM 5 level certified and Infosec cleared entity with absolute data protection. Over the last decade, across multiple cliens and hundreds of assignments we have ensured zero data breach and absolute upkeep of data.


We have assembled the best and the brightest technology folks under one roof. Regardless of technologies, platforms, databases, tools and environments we’ll have you started in no time.

Absolute Confidentiality

We are committed 100% to protecting your idea and te underlying IP. We understand how much you value your idea, and hence we sign water tight NDA not just with you but also ensure that the resources creating the digital products based on your idea also do not infringe, takeover or expose.


Constient brings in a blend of technology skills – Consulting, Strategy, Dev Ops, One-off Builds, Migration and Enhancements. Not all projects are created alike, some require turnkey support while others a directional support and some core development, at Constient we understand and support each need.


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