Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering Services

End to End Software Product Development, Modernization and Management
Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering Services

In the world of software businesses today, innovation is a continuous need. The advent of cloud technology, microservices, API-led connectivity, containerization, and DevSecOps has revolutionized the process of building software products. As a result, the complexity of engineering these products has increased significantly.

For more than 12 years, Constient has been a reliable partner in providing software product engineering services to leading software brands. Our services cover every phase of the software development life cycle, allowing us to expedite software engineering and facilitate software modernization initiatives that enhance product experiences.

Constient is a company that assists software product businesses in enhancing their agility and responsiveness to the dynamic market demands. Our digital product engineering solutions empower organizations to deliver feature-rich and high-quality digital products using a wide range of development technologies, tools, approaches, and environments. We aim to be an extension of your in-house team, delivering products that meet your unique needs. We offer flexible customer-centric engagement models and utilize a global delivery model to ensure reduced time-to-market and overall cost. Our transparent and efficient processes, coupled with world-class tools, enable us to deliver high-quality performance.

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We Offer Cutting-Edge Product Engineering Services

Transforming Software Portfolios with Our Product Engineering Services

New Product Development

Utilize product thinking and an innovative mindset to transform abstract concepts into advanced products. Build a functional prototype or MVP promptly, incorporating crucial features, and conduct testing with your intended audience.

Continuous Product Innovation

The ability to continually innovate requires a range of organizational capabilities, including operational efficiency, technology infrastructure that enables consistent delivery, and a mindset that prioritizes innovation and aligns with the changing needs of the market.

Product Implementation

Our Center of Excellence (CoE) team offers comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle, including integrations, customizations, enhancements, and deployment. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that all technical aspects are thoroughly tested and accurate before the launch.

Quality Engineering

We incorporate Quality Engineering throughout the entire product development process and do not have a distinct testing phase. This approach provides an early advantage in preparing the product for the market ahead of competitors.

Agile Development

Agile development has become a necessary approach rather than a luxury. Our Agile Development model comprises Agile strategy and consulting, Enterprise agile strategy and implementation, and Agile coaching and mentoring.

Agile DevOps services

We offer DevOps implementation services as a part of our primary product engineering solutions. Our services include developing a DevOps strategy and providing consulting services, implementing Enterprise DevOps, and automating critical DevOps processes across the entire development to delivery pipeline.

Business Benefits

Product engineering services assist companies in modernizing their product offerings in accordance with current trends, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage.

Faster Time-To-Market

Introduce products with new features and functionalities to the market as soon as possible.

Improved Productivity

Enhance operational efficiency by implementing a significant level of automation in business processes.

Cost Efficiency

Portfolio upgrade without upgrading the internal engineering team.

Industries We Serve

Technology solutions to overcome unique challenges and generate value for businesses in different sectors.

Hospitality & Travel
Real Estate

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